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Belshire received a 5 Year Safety Award from our Workers' Comp carrier.


Waste management is far more than just moving a shipment between points A and B. Waste management is about knowledge. The diverse team of personnel at Belshire has a field proven in-depth expertise in hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.
Waste Classification, Profiling & Scheduling
Belshire's team integrates waste minimization alternatives to ensure compliance and minimize risk and future liability for our clients.
  • Provide Guidance in Regard to Analytical and Sampling Requirements for Proper Waste Characterization
  • Prepare Waste Profile Documents
  • Schedule Waste into Disposal Facilities
  • Interpret and Adhere to RCRA, DTSC, TSCA & Other State Regulations

Common Waste Types Managed
Belshire works closely with generators and environmental consultants to manage the following waste types:

  • Bulk Soil/Water from Remediation Clean-ups
  • Soil Cuttings from Site Investigation and Remediation
  • Monitoring Well Purge Water & Decon Water
  • Universal Waste
  • Contaminated Soil & Water Containing:
         Heavy Metals
         Chlorinated Solvents
         Pesticides & Herbicides
         Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
         Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Retail Gasoline Waste Consisting of:
         Dispenser Hoses
         Fuel Filters
         Liquids from Spill Buckets
         Discarded Batteries
         Test Fluids from Secondary Containment Testing

DOT Regulatory Compliance
Belshire performs characterization, packaging, segregation, and manifesting of waste to comply with DOT proper shipping requirements.

  • Shipping Paper Preparation
  • Package Labeling & Marking
  • Truck Placarding
  • Selection of Appropriate Package/Container
Disposal Facility Selection
Belshire waste specialists have a working knowledge of available treatment, storage, disposal and recycling options for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. We integrate the most cost-effective options into project waste management plans.
  • Strictly adhere to generators' approved disposal facilities when specified
  • Provide options for cost effective disposal of your waste
  • Identify facilities that offer long term liability protection and have a proven track record
  • Utilize recycling options whenever available

Generator Waste Tracking
Beshire developed a proprietary software system,, which tracks waste documents, quantities and on-site accumulation dates. This waste management system provides savings by:

  • Reducing Waste Pick-ups by Extending Accumulation Times
  • Managing and Tracking Waste Manifests and Distributing them to Proper Agencies
  • Providing Regulatory Reports, State Agency Reports, BOE Tax Reports, Biennial Reports and Verification Reports
  • Monitoring Generator EPA ID Numbers