did you know?
Belshire performed over 1,400 agency required compliance tests last year.



Belshire’s compliance inspection teams are fully trained in all aspects of UST compliance. Belshire performs certified inspections required by local UST and Air agencies as well as customized audits of any scale. Our inspectors are equipped with laptops, wireless internet access, printers, scanners and cameras to enable them to transfer documents and photos to solve problems while on-site. All inspections are entered in real-time to, our web-based compliance system that provides custom reports and is available for the customer to review 24/7.

Designated Operator

  • Inspectors located throughout California for complete coverage
  • Scalable to take advantage of on-site expertise & integrate other compliance programs
  • Largest DO provider in California with over 1,200 inspections per month

Vapor Recovery

  • SCAQMD Periodic Inspections (Annual)
  • San Diego APCD Annual Inspections
  • Healy EVR Quarterly Inspections
  • SCAQMD Rule 461 Daily Inspection Training (District approved course)
  • EVR upgrade training (Healy weekly inspections)

Customized Compliance Audits

  • Compliance Plan review (Business Emergency Response Plan / Hazardous Materials Management Plan, Monitoring and Response Plan, Stormwater Plan)
  • Compliance Management System Audit
  • Vapor recovery document review

Hazardous Waste

  • Onsite storage (container condition, labeling, accumulation time)
  • Manifest records
  • Weekly inspection records