Belshire Culture

Belshire’s culture is one in which the enthusiasm, integrity, and commitment of the owners is pervasive throughout the organization. Our pursuit of excellence is evident in the exceptional service that our employees provide to our customers.

Belshire has an outstanding reputation in the environmental industry, and we are extremely proud of our ability to attract and retain outstanding employees. We invest in our employees through training, skills development, and performance recognition.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for our employees to grow in their careers by promoting employees from within our organization. Belshire’s growth and direction as a company has been driven by our employees’ efforts and ideas, so we encourage teamwork and collaboration in our daily work and in our problem-solving.

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Our Goals

We’re committed to providing unsurpassed service in every customer interaction. Our goals every day are to:  

  • Serve customers who have selected us for our value and our excellence.
  • Satisfy customers who will recommend us to their peers.
  • Employ people who are proud of where they work.
  • Be successful so we can grow our company and promote our team members.

Our Values

At Belshire, we believe strongly in:

  • Upholding the highest standards of integrity and safety.
  • Providing unsurpassed service to our customers.
  • Working together as a team to meet our customers’ needs.
  • Valuing our people by encouraging their development and rewarding their performance.
  • Exhibiting a strong will to win.
  • Holding ourselves personally accountable for keeping our promises and delivering on our commitments.

A Key to Success

A key to Belshire’s success has been the loyalty of our customers. It is a point of pride that we still do business with our very first customer from nearly 30 years ago. We appreciate each and every company that chooses to do business with Belshire and every employee that chooses to work for us.